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In my high school senior yearbook, I predicted my future with a Monty Python quote: “And now for something completely different.” Since growing up in D.C., I’ve lived in Ohio, Colorado, and Utah. I’ve broken my foot in Bolivia and gotten lost in Indonesia. I’ve worked as a waitress at a dude ranch resort and sipped coffee at the Turkish Ministry of Forestry.

After a few years running a small sustainability-focused nonprofit, I committed to becoming a writer. I co-authored a guide for teens whose parents have cancer, worked as the a senior editor of a food magazine, and taught writing to Pakistani graduate students and professors through the University of Utah’s U.S.-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Water.

As a freelance writer, I’ve told stories of my first ice climbing competition, the snow-packed Run Through Time marathon, former CO Governor John Hickenlooper’s brewing history, and why my spirituality is inspired by Carl Sagan.

Today, I live in Park City, Utah, where I live with my family. I’m the Managing Editor at Cotopaxi.com and I’m also working on two more Moon Travel Guides to Utah and Utah’s national parks.


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  1. Hi Maya, my name is s h e r i e. I now live in Sugarhouse I just read your article beyond a shadow of a drought. What a beautiful article you’ve written here. I’m 80. Been around a few. Spend a lot of time in southern Utah hiking and backpacking getting lost. Your article touched a soft spot with me. Thank you for sharing your heart. I hear that a lot of alfalfa we produce in our state ends up in China. What a shame. Perhaps it takes Someone Like You to stand up for us. I hope so. Good luck. Sherie

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