maya silver

In my high school senior yearbook, I picked the following Monty Python quote to appear beneath my picture: “And now for something completely different.” This maxim has more or less held true since. I’ve lived in Ohio, Colorado, and Utah. I’ve broken my foot in Bolivia and gotten very, very lost in Indonesia. I’ve worked as a waitress at a dude ranch resort and sipped Turkish coffee in the Ministry of Forestry office as part of a World Bank dam monitoring team. I developed a mild case of imposter syndrome when I became the executive director of a small nonprofit in my late-twenties. I co-authored a guide for teens whose parents have cancer and I’ve judged a whiskey and wings contests as a senior editor of a food magazine.

As a writer, I’ve talked to people from Alaska to Bangladesh for a book-length thesis on international climate migration. I’ve recounted the time that I competed in an ice climbing competition, and the snowy, hilly Run Through Time marathon that I swore was my first and last, but turned out to be my penultimate. I’ve interviewed Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper about beer and talked to Chris Kimball about why he loves trial-by-fire cooking. I’ve also discovered that I share some common ground with an octopus, and take spiritual cues from the late Carl Sagan.

At present, I’m based in Park City, Utah, where I live with my husband, daughter, and big, white dog. I teach professional and technical writing for the University of Utah’s U.S.-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Water and continue to write about food, the environment, and the next thing on my mind. For my ramblings on climate grief, climate guilt, and climate migration, check out my blog, The Climatarian.



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