080712c-2My Parent Has Cancer And It Really Sucks (Sourcebooks, 2013). Co-authored this guide for teens whose parents have cancer.

Chicken Soup for the College Student’s Soul
Tower of Babel: the story of my study abroad experience in Florence, Italy


Magazines, Newspapers & Online Media

A Sponge Cake’s Long, Strange Trip
Baked Alaska: A Creation Story Shrouded in Mystery

High Country News
A Dog Comes Face-to-Face with the Wild West

How to Eat Like Abraham Lincoln

Earth Island Journal
Stalked from the Skies, a discussion on drone hunting.
Sharing the Lands We Love, a reflection on Great Sand Dunes

Civil Eats
A GMO-Free Chef in a Labeling Battleground

Reverse Advertising: Graphic Warning Labels Show the Sinister Side of Products
How Trump’s Environmental Agenda Will Exacerbate the Refugee Crisis 

Women’s Running
The Story of My First and Possibly Last Marathon
How to Train for a Spring Race During the Winter
This Mother-Son Duo is Visually Impaired–And Boston Bound
What’s the Deal with Salt Supplementation? 

Western American Literature
Breaking Down Breaking Bad: Critical Perspectives 

Misadventures Mag
5 Big Mountain Bike Rides to Tackle in Colorado 

DiningOut Magazines
As a former senior editor at DiningOut, I’ve written cover stories for DiningOut Chicago, San Francisco and Orange County, numerous articles for all nine of its city publications and many online articles as well. You can view all of my articles here, and here’s a sampling of my work:
Pullman Pleasures
Remembering Charlie Trotter
From Wynkoop to the Capitol: Interview with Governor Hickenlooper
Hungry Ghosts

Devour Magazine 
New Americans, New Flavors
Liquid Genius

Cure Magazine Online
My article, The Dreaded Conversationwas one of Cure’s top ten blogs in 2013.

Washington Post Express
Be a Sore Winner: broke my foot bouldering in Bolivia. After a 3-day journey hopping through the desert & riding underneath a bus, returned to US to write this article.

Also interned at Washington Post Express, testing and photographing product and writing numerous pieces for the Arts section. Archives begin in 2006, so I cannot links to most of my work.

US News & World Report
A Very Tasty Debate: investigation into the inventor of the sundae
Digging for Old Treasures: discovering Pompeii

Also interned at U.S. News, conducting extensive research for articles, testing product and creating content for the annual College Book.

The Oberlin Review
Wrote a food column for Oberlin College’s weekly newspaper.
Good Eats: First Column
Good Eats: Foodie Freebies
Good Eats: DIY Dining
Good Eats: Divine Dining
Good Eats: In the Kitchen with Roman Korfas
Good Eats: Substance-Free Food
Good Eats: No Way, Jackay
Good Eats: Edible Therapy


I studied creative writing at Oberlin College under author Dan Chaon, completing numerous short stories and the draft of a novel.

Diane Vreuls Fiction Prize: 2008 Winner

Plum Creek Review: Former Contributor and Editor-In-Chief of Oberlin College Literary Magazine

The Golden Legend of the Fourteen Holy Helpers: the working title of the draft of my novel. A man endeavors to create a modern day Fourteen Holy Helpers to address looming man-made threats to humankind. The Helpers are a band of saints imagined by the Bavarian Church during the Black Plague.

3 Elements Review: All Men Are Hungry

Juror, Stories of the Nature of Cities 2018

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