How Trump’s Environmental Agenda Will Exacerbate the Refugee Crisis

Published in Truthout on March 16, 2017

Donald Trump has made two moves that will intensify the refugee crisis, but only one is on the public’s radar. The first high-profile move is Trump’s controversial ban on many Muslim refugees who seek asylum in the United States. But the second move exacerbating the plight of refugees came earlier in Trump’s first week in office, when he blindfolded and handcuffed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and shoved it in a closet under the guard of climate change denier Scott Pruitt.

What does Trump’s dismantling of the EPA have to do with the refugee crisis? His anti-environmental agenda will hasten and worsen the climate crisis, which will displace hundreds of millions of people from their homes in coming decades …

Read the full story on Truthout

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