Playing Chef

Published in Devour Magazine – April 7, 2017

Somewhere between the land of dining out and the territory of home cooking lies a paradisiacal place that allows for the best of both worlds. Welcome to the domain of DIY dining, where you get to exercise creativity without the stress of cooking or the aftermath of dirty dishes. Best of all, the process of designing your own dish will expand your culinary horizons, helping you grow as a cook when you return to your own kitchen.

Top Your Toast
Toast is the name of Publik Kitchen’s game, from a BLT (on peasant toast), to banana toast, to a simple salad (with toasted croutons). If you want to step into the shoes of toast designer, take advantage of the café’s make your own toast option. Here are the steps to a toast de résistance …

Read the full story at Devour

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